SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax Dark


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Mirror Shine Wax creates a deep, mirrored gloss! Dedicated for dark car paints. 

By just applying it with the included micro-fiber cloth, Mirror Shine Wax creates a mirror-like clear gloss and shine. This solid wax creates a multi-layer coating without the need to wipe or dry, lasting for up to 3 months. Can be used on plastic parts, such as headlight covers, car visor and tail lamps as well. No compound is included. Dedicated for dark car paints. 

Directions of use:

* Make sure that car’s color is compatible with product.

** Wash off sand, dust, and dirt and wipe any remaining water drops.

1. Take the wax and the included cloth to apply it evenly to car surface.

2. All you need to do is polish firmly on the surface because there is no need to wipe off.

* Make sure to finish the entire process. If left unfinished, it may cause spots or unevenness.

Size: 200 g.


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SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax Dark

SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax Dark

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