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Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel cleaner 1L


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Auto-wheel cleaner:

  •          Non-acid non alkaline universal wheel cleaner
  •          Easy to use colour changing formulation
  •          No touch cleaning of heavily soiled wheels

 Size: 1L

Auto-wheel is a non-acid, non-alkaline alloy wheel cleaner, and in over 90% of cases no agitation is required.

In most cases steel and alloy wheels are either lacquered or painted. These coatings protect the metallic surface from corrosion and provide attractive finishes to automotive road wheels.

As vehicles brake the dust generated from pads, discs and drums is at elevated temperatures, amongst this hot cloud are thousands of hot metallic particles, these bombard the wheels finish and effectively embed themselves on to the wheel.

Once lodged these particles are extremely difficult to remove. Acid based alloy wheel cleaners attack these metal particles effectively, reducing its size - allowing the particles and dirt clinging to it to escape. Caustic alloy cleaners are less effective than acid ones on brake dust, but can attack organic coatings such as lacquers and paints on short exposure, they attack any organic matter accumulated around the embedded particles and produce a seemingly clean surface, however with continued use they will dull and diminish the coating, leaving a wheel surface that needs refinishing.

How To Use

  1.        Simply spray auto-wheel liberally on to your wheels.
  2.        Avoid directly spraying the centre caps of the wheels.
  3.        Wait for the colour changing reaction, normally 3-5 minutes depending on how contaminated the wheel is.
  4.        Now simply wash the wheel down with a hose or jetwash.


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Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel cleaner 1L

Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel cleaner 1L

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