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SOFT99 G’zox Sticker Remover


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Removes stickers and other kinds of glue.

Strongly penetrates the surface between the sticker and the surface of, for example, a windshield, which increases the speed and the effectivity of the process. Fluid capacity is 100 ml.

Directions for use:

1. Cut the end of the nozzle to an appropriate size.

2. Detach the corner of the sticker. Next, atomize a small amount of fluid on it, and then using a tongue-depresser slowly detach the whole sticker.

3. If any substances are left on the surface, atomize again and let it rest for a moment. Next, wipe it off with a soft cloth. Atomize the glue and use the attached tongue-depresser.

Size: 100 ml.


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SOFT99 G’zox Sticker Remover

SOFT99 G’zox Sticker Remover

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