SOFT99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero


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Glaco Mirror Coat Zero - The invisible windshield wiper secures your car’s windows with a protective coating.

The water-repellent capability of Glaco Mirror Coat Zero prevents water from remaining on the surface even for a moment by lining the mirror with super-fine, microscopic studs. Compared to conventional hand pump sprays, this aerosol spray creates an even coating and shortens the process.

Size: 40 ml.

Directions of use:

* Clean side mirrors with a car shampoo or similar. In case the surface was coated with water-repellent agent or similar - remove it using an appropriate cleaner. 

1.  Spray it evenly about 15 cm away from the side mirror.

2. Dry completely (in summer for 1 hour, in winter for 2 hours) and do not touch until dry. 

We highly recommend putting a towel around a mirror while spraying, in order to not cover an unnecessary parts with fluid.

There are uncountable small particle processes as 1/15000 size of human hair. Water drop cannot adhere the surface because of too small process, only rolling down. This performance is similar with water drop adhering onto lotus leaf.

Beware not to touch with coated area by finger or towel, otherwise the layer would peel off because very sensitive.


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SOFT99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero

SOFT99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero

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