SOFT99 Ultra Glaco - the invisible windshield wiper


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Ultra Glaco - the invisible windshield wiper, which secures your car’s windows with a protective coating.

Ultra Glaco secures your car’s windows with a protective coating. Ensures water-repellency for car windows and glass wing mirrors! The invisible windshield wiper effect appears at 45 kph and is present for up to 1 year! Suitable for every weather – in winter, during snowfalls and frost exposure, window freezing is impeded!

Size: 70 ml.

Directions of use:

1. Shake the bottle well with the cap on, after that take off the cap and apply directly.

Directly apply because it attaches felt applicator. Quick application without getting dirty your hand.

2. Apply gently full coverage

If remain unevenness area, it cannot produce original performance. Apply firmly without making gap.

3. Wipe off when surface gets white and dry

If wipe off in halfway, it would just extend coating liquid.

This behavior makes unevenness and decreasing the performance.

4. Wipe off firmly with DRY towel.

Use clean surface and do not remain any residue.

5. Once you applied, water repellent is durable up to 1 year

As you can see excellent water repellency.

Instantly water become round, blow off by wind pressure.

After coated the windscreen will ease water drop by wind pressure. You can drive without operating wiper from appx 45km/h (30mph)

*  Remove dust or dirt from the windshield with water in advance.

* Do not apply it on wet surface, as it may cause unneeded damage.

*  After drying for 5-10 minutes, wipe it off with a dry, clean towel, afterwards, dry for more than 12 hours, in order to make the coating adhere firmly to the windshield.




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SOFT99 Ultra Glaco - the invisible windshield wiper

SOFT99 Ultra Glaco - the invisible windshield wiper

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