SONAX Profiline CutMax Cutting compound

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SONAX - Cut Max

This is a high-performance abrasive paste for paintwork finishes.

Sonax Cut Max will quickly and effectively remove scratches and nibs on repaired  or original paintworks. As with all Sonax polishes the real advantage of this product is it only leaves minimum processing traces and virtually no polish residue at all thanks to it's low-dust technology!

Considering the level of cut this polish creates, the finish is incredibly good, on harder paints it finishes almost perfectly. This can be refined further either with Sonax EX 04 06 on a Random Orbital Polisher or Sonax Perfect Finishon a Rotary.

  • Easy to apply.
  • High abrasion with minimum matting.
  • Silicone free.

Cut: 6/6 Finish 3/6 

Available in both 1 litre or 250ml Bottles


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SONAX Profiline CutMax Cutting compound

SONAX Profiline CutMax Cutting compound

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