Krauss Random Orbital Polisher DB-5800 S


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This machine is the big brother of the proven random orbital polishing machine DB-5200. With more power and CSE (Constant Speed Electronic) equipped, the powerful random orbital polishing machine KRAUSS DB-5800 S guarantees excellent polishing results on all painted surfaces. The rotating random gear (Dual Action) transmits the force smooth and equal over the surface. Due to the extremely high orbit the surface stay cool and the Finish is perfect. Ideal for "one-step" polishing operations and for removing hologram effects and polish defects on dark paints.

Application: Slip the orbital polishing machine DB-5800 S under uniform pressure over the paint. Suffice a low lifting speed (setting: 1 - 2). Polishing sponge or the lambskin should always have fully surface contact and are kept wet by spray bottle.

Technical specifications:


900 Watt

Rated Voltage:

220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

No Load Speed:

2,500 - 6,500 min-1

Tool Weight:

2,5 kg


4 m


8 mm

Spindle Thread:


Disc Size:

5" (125 mm)

Stepless Speed Selection:


CSE (Constant Speed Electronic):


Package Includes:

Bow handle and side handlebar, Backing pad 5" and Transport bag


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Krauss Random Orbital Polisher DB-5800 S

Krauss Random Orbital Polisher DB-5800 S

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