ADBL ROLLER D15125 Orbital Polishing machine

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ADBL ROLLER D15125-01 Polishing machine

ADBL ROLLER D15125 is the most universal 15 mm throw polisher. It finds its place wherever well-balanced correction power combined with perfect paintwork treatment is needed. A lot of torque produced by engine allows intensive paintwork refreshment in One Step system, while splendid finish is guaranteed by precise, 15 mm throw. This machine is irreplaceable in intermediate stage of multilevel polishing process. Moreover, it is equipped with electronically-controlled. Soft Start system and accurate speed control. The user is propped up by long, elastic power cord and ergonomic head while working long hours. The machine is technically failure-free through its well-thought and validated construction confirmed in multistage and multicentre tests, conducted prior to rollout.


  • Maximal orbit – 15 mm
  • Diameter polishing pad – 125 mm
  • Diameter backing pad – 125 mm
  • Input power – 810W
  • Rounds per minute (rpm) – 1560 – 4800
  • Cord lenght – 5 m
  • Weight – 2,8 kg
  • Electronic speed control – YES
  • Soft start trigger – YES
  • Protection class – II
  • Operating voltage – 230 V / 50 Hz

The set includes:

  • ADBL ROLLER D15125-01 Polishing machine
  • 125 mm retaining plate – 1 item
  • Side handle – 1 item
  • Key – 1 item
  • Carbon brushes – 1 set
  • Silicone grease – 1 tube
  • User manual.




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ADBL ROLLER D15125 Orbital Polishing machine

ADBL ROLLER D15125 Orbital Polishing machine


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