MIRKA Shark Blade 48 x 28mm


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MIRKA Shark Blade CrN, 48 x 28 mm

Mirka Shark Blade is a valuable tool designed to remove paint imperfections, runs, high spots and nibs quickly and easily. It is made of carbide steel, as used in drill bit tips, which enables the edges of the Shark Blade to keep their sharpness and cut through debris for many years. The Shark Blade works by simply sliding or pushing over the dirt, nib or run, similar to a razor blade but without the flexibility associated with a thin blade. Use in all paint finishing industries including: Automotive, Decorating, Marine, & Wood Finishing.

The Mirka Shark Blade is supplied in a hard wearing pouch with belt loop and with a cord to hang it around your neck if required.

Brand: Mirka
Model: 7872000111 
Item Weight: 40.8 g 
Dimensions: 2.8 x 4.8 x 5 cm


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MIRKA Shark Blade  48 x 28mm

MIRKA Shark Blade 48 x 28mm

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