Wheel Woolies - Caliper Brush 18''


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Wheel Woolies  - The Spoke Back Woolie Caliper Brush 18'' (45 cm)

Wheel Woolies are by far the safest, most effective way to clean automobile wheels on the market. Most wheel brushes do an excellent job at cleaning the outside surfaces of the wheel but do not allow the user to get into the small holes and crevices where the brake dust collects.

  • Wheel Woolies Caliper Brush head is constructed of polypropylene fibers

  • Brush lenght 45 cm

  • The head sits at a 45-degree angle

  • Metal free

  • Chemical resistant

The Spoke Back Woolie will give you results!  No more breaking the "other" brush after multiple uses!  The Spoke Back Woolie goes where no brush has gone to before.  The Spoke Back Woolie is angled just the right amount to reach the back of your spokes it does a great job cleaning back there.  

The soft, dense carpet fibers will hold suds to transfer them to the wheel. These brushes are made entirely of polypropylene and will stand up to any cleaner you choose to use. Due to the fact that they are 100% polypropylene, they are recyclable and can be put in a recycle bin when they have out lived their usefulness. This is a must-have brush to keep new wheels looking that way.

Size: 45 cm (18') 


To use any Wheel Woolie, spray the wheel with the wheel cleaner of your choice. Then dip the Wheel Woolie into wash water and agitate the wheel. The synthetic wool gently removes brake dust and grime from all types of wheels. Rinse each wheel and dry it with a soft towel to avoid spotting.


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Wheel Woolies  - Caliper Brush 18''

Wheel Woolies - Caliper Brush 18''

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