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SOFT99 New Brake Dust Cleaner


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New Brake Dust Cleaner can chemically dissolve and wash off unwanted residues created by high-speed rotation and heating of brakes like iron filings, tar, oily substances as well as wear marks. The product can be used safely without the risk of scratching. Abrasive compounds are not included. The product does not have a strong smell and is easy to apply, due to the included sponge that makes even hardly accessible parts easy to clean.

Directions of use:

1. Use water to remove dust or dirt from the wheels. Take off the resin parts, such as wheel caps, in advance.

2. Turn the nozzle to and spray entire wheels.

3. Let it sit for approximately 2-3 minutes and wipe with sponge to absorb dirt.

4. Rinse well with water so as not to leave any cleanser or dirt.

5. Wipe off remaining water drops.

6. Check brakes at a low speed to make sure braking is functioning properly and then start driving.

Size: 400 ml.


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SOFT99 New Brake Dust Cleaner

SOFT99 New Brake Dust Cleaner


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