Tuga Chemie Kunstoff Teufel Spezial efektyvus smalų, klijų, purvo valiklis skirtas visiems paviršiams Padidinti

Tuga Chemie Kunststoff-Teufel Spezial Valiklis


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Tuga Kunststoff-Teufel Spezial Cleaner - smalų ir dervų valiklis

Kunststoff-Teufel® is a silicone-free, highly active cleaning product.

The KUNSTSTOFF-TEUFEL® (Plastic Devil) is a highly active and electrolytic cleaning agent. It easily removes the most powerful grease and oil contaminants, nicotine, soot, burnt, and much more. Of plastics and other alkaline-resistant surfaces. An antistatic and dirt-repellent surface is left on the cleaned surfaces. The KUNSTSTOFF-TEUFEL® (Plastic Devil) is extremely powerful and self-cleaning. It is therefore the perfect cleaner for household, hobby and commercial purposes (for example, ideal for cleaning kitchens, blinds, caravans, garden furniture, tarpaulins, car and truck interior rooms etc.).


Sprinkle the plastic Teufel® or apply to a moistened sponge and apply. After the soiling has visibly dissolved, rinse thoroughly with clear water or rinse off.
In the case of light soiling, the Kunststoff-Teufel® can be diluted with clear water.
Please see the label for further details on the cleaner bottle.

Size: 1000 ml.


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Tuga Chemie Kunststoff-Teufel Spezial Valiklis

Tuga Chemie Kunststoff-Teufel Spezial Valiklis

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