Nanolex Interior Cleaner (koncentratas)

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Nanolex Interior Cleaner Concentrate can be mixed 1:3 - 1:5 with water for best results to make up Ready to use Nanolex Interior Cleaner.

It is designed to gently clean all interior surfaces, such as leather, vinyl and plastic. Mild, low-foaming surfactants with outstanding wetting properties and detergent power remove dirt, oil, grease and nicotine easily and effectively. After using Nanolex Interior Cleaner, surfaces appear clean, fresh, streak free and without glossiness.

Nanolex Interior Cleaner is phosphate-free, non-acidic and non-caustic.

Shake well before use. Keep out of hands of children.

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Nanolex Interior Cleaner (koncentratas)

Nanolex Interior Cleaner (koncentratas)


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