Nanolex Final Finish

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Nanolex Final Finish is a groundbreaking, water-based Quick Detailer with a revolutionary combination of ingredients. Used as a sprayable lacquer cleaner, Nanolex Final Finish easily removes stubborn water spots, light dirt and fingerprints, and can also be used as a great drying aid after washing the car. In addition Nanolex Final Finish forms a long-lasting layer of protection which gives outstanding water beading, a smooth-to-the-touch surface and a deep gloss finish. The mild formulation ensures a gentle and refreshing care for all clear lacquer surfaces.

With proper maintenance Nanolex Final Finish will have a durability of approximately 500-600 miles on the surfaces it was applied to

How To Use Nanolex Final Finish:
1. Spread approx. 1–2 ml of Nanolex Final Finish on a soft microfiber cloth pad and apply it sparingly
to paint / glass / rims / plastic surfaces by rubbing in with very light pressure and permanent circular
2. Avoid water contact for at least 15 minutes after the application of Nanolex Final Finish was completed.
  • This product can be stored for up to 24 months (in a dry, temperature stable environment)
  • Consumption: appr. 2 ml/m²
  • Processing temperature: 5 - 30°C - Avoid direct sunlight and/or high air humidity.
IMPORTANT: Before you use a Nanolex Car Care product please make sure you wear suitable protection
gear – we always recommend to use Latex - or Nitril gloves to make sure your hands are protected from
any possible damage to your skin.

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Nanolex Final Finish

Nanolex Final Finish

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