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Nanolex Microfiber Towels  x 5

Nanolex Microfiber Towels were designed to remove any kind of residue from the surface easily.

Nanolex Microfiber Towels are woven without any edges, which makes it almost impossible to scratch even very soft paints.

With 250g/m² this cloth has a very tight knit and will therefore not stretch, giving it a very smooth surface with yet very good grip.

Being made out of 25% PA and 75% PE, it is very durable and can be washed very often without losing its unique characteristics.

The Nanolex microfibre cloth is a high quality all-purpose cloth with amazing absorption capacity.

  • Elaborate herringbone structure for better material intake
  • High polyamide content increases the absorption capacity
  • Rimless processing
  • Machine washable

Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm.

GSM: 250g/m²

25% PA / 75% PE

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Nanolex mikropluošto šluostės 5 vnt.

Nanolex mikropluošto šluostės 5 vnt.

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